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Effective talent management is vital to ensuring that your business goals are achieved - interims provide essential skills and cover times of peak demand.  Interim management offers you the opportunity to utilise highly qualified and experienced professionals on a flexible basis at affordable rates.

Interims are experienced professionals who can work on a fixed term contract for you or independently and charge a day rate.  Interims are able to work on a part-time or full-time basis depending on the demands of your business.  If you need additional expertise and practical hands-on assistance then an interim is the ideal solution.

Fabric has the sector expertise and networks to find you the best of the available interim and freelance consultants across the areas of PR, Communications, Digital and Marketing as well as the expertise to guide you through the minefield of regulation and procedure.


When should you use Interims?

  • When you have a headcount freeze but need extra skills
  • Cost - effective cover while you recruit permanently
  • Ideal for project management
  • To cover for absences in the team

How do you pay Interims?

Interims can be paid by you or by Fabric.  The majority of our clients ask Fabric to look after payments and the accompanying administration.  Something we are happy to do and have the in-house expertise to deliver.

The majority of interims operate as a Limited Company and charge on a day rate basis.  Pro-rata salaries are more common for fixed term contracts such as maternity covers.  Should you wish to pay an interim consultant directly you can do it through your PAYE scheme or more commonly be invoiced directly from the consultant’s Limited Company.

While there is legislation and compliance to adhere to when employing and paying interims, there is no need for it to be complicated or distract you from your daily business.  We can explain how it works and then take care of it completely.

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