Quality not quantity. Genuine consultancy.

Fabric is a recruitment consultancy offering career opportunities and counsel to professionals and companies in the PR, communications and social media industries.

Everything we do is geared towards quality over quantity. Recruitment may not be rocket science, however all too often it is done badly. We are not here to try to push people into things, or to throw CVs at the wall until one of them sticks. We simply listen and then we advise, using our extensive, and specialist, sector experience.

For candidates, our aim is to establish a strong and long-term relationship so that we can offer objective advice on your career and job search. We will help you chart your career by giving you a perspective of your profession and your place within it. As part of that, we are happy to challenge you when necessary, in order to get you thinking about what you value the most. Only then can we present you with opportunities which we feel best match what you’re looking for.

The same applies to our clients. Survey after survey has proven that one of the most critical challenges facing any company is finding first rate talent. If we work with a company we want to be a true partner – someone they can inherently rely on to prioritise a quality, rather than volume, approach. We aim to understand the DNA of your business and, as simple as it may seem, we listen when you explain what you want from us. We also offer tailored advice on recruitment strategy from competency based interviewing to staff retention.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our testimonials to get a sense of who has said what about us.