• I had a wonderful experience working with Tim. He's incredibly dedicated, detail-oriented and it's clear he's completely committed to delivering results of the highest quality, for both candidates and clients.

    As a candidate, I've rarely felt so supported through a recruitment process and it's clear that his clients trust his judgement completely. I value Tim's opinion, and wouldn't hesitate to look to him for continued career guidance.

    Ella Geraerdts, Head of External Communications

  • I've worked with Tim both as a source of talent when I've hired, as well as actually finding my current role. I've worked with a number of recruiters in the past, both in-house teams to fill roles and external consultants to help build my teams and to build my own career. Tim is easily the most thorough and highly engaged. I know that absolutely no stone remains unturned in his diligence and exploration, and he takes the time to understand the needs of my organisation both on paper but also the culture and EQ fit.

    I couldn't recommend his partnership more highly and would absolutely encourage anyone to reach out to me directly should you want to discuss his services in more depth. He has been, and remains, a true partner, across decades, jobs, and continents.

    Zachary Dominitz, Managing Director

  • Tim is an absolute pro and I have worked with him twice now in my career to find the right opportunities. He truly does have his candidates' best interests at heart and genuinely finds roles that fit, taking a thoughtful and targeted approach to what is going to work best for all parties. A pleasure to work with.

    Daniel Mosely, Corporate Comms Director

  • Good recruiters truly are a rare bread, especially those with the knowledge of the comms industry, as well as the agencies within it. Tim absolutely fits this mould.

    He's communicative, considered and offers excellent advice. He always provided a clear update on the situation and left me to make the right decision for myself when the time called. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

    Martin Sparey, Director

  • A rare and wonderful find in the world of recruitment, I couldn’t recommend Tim more highly to anyone considering their next move within the communications sector, or otherwise.

    Tim’s previous career and industry expertise allows him to see beyond the brief to the benefit of both candidates and businesses, providing invaluable strategic counsel and total clarity on expectations to ensure the perfect match. Refreshingly candid yet consistently supportive throughout the entire placement process, Tim’s approachable nature, attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond in all aspects (testament to the fact that he genuinely cares) place him a cut above the rest.

    Having placed me in my current role - which, so far ticks all the boxes in everything I’d hoped it would be, and more - I can attest to the fact that with Tim, finding your next role will be easier and more enjoyable than you think. A first-class consultant in every way.

    Emily Chalmers, Director

  • Tim is well connected, full of ideas and thoroughly understands the industry. He really took the time to understand what I was looking for as a next step and the types of opportunities that would be a good fit not just based on my experience and interests but on character and values.

    Tim has a very engaging personality, and he refreshingly tells it like it is, in the most helpful way. He has always gone above and beyond with his time and level of detail and has been a great sounding board as I have navigated my career. I would definitely recommend him.

    Laura Morrissey, Corporate Communications Manager

  • Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was quite specific in what I was looking for in a role and Tim took everything I said on board, only putting me forward for roles that fit that brief. I always felt that he was acting in my best interests and I really appreciated his candid approach which made me feel comfortable at every stage of the process.

    He really takes the time to ensure a correct fit between candidate and employer and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a new role.

    Ruby Gurdon, Sustainability Strategist

  • Few can match Tim's professionalism, candour, intelligence and ability to fight for his clients. This man will work and work hard to ensure a successful placement. He will never string you along, but lay it out exactly as is so you know exactly where you stand. He will fight for you till the very end, until both parties get exactly what they need and are satisfied.

    Tim is just a pleasure to work with: very firm and very positive, a real person and a great human being above all.

    Alona Cherkassky, Director

  • Tim is brilliant at what he does and I highly recommend working with him. He made the recruitment process really straightforward, he listened to what I wanted and never tried to pigeonhole me, he provided really in-depth advice prior to interviews which was really helpful, and always ensured that I got constructive, valuable feedback afterwards.

    Tim understood the nuances around my character and skillset really quickly and I felt extremely confident in his ability to represent me. Tim is a great reminder of the tremendous added value that working with a recruiter can bring.

    Louisa Ferguson, Consultant

  • Tim recently advised me towards a successful appointment. He was great counsel and always available, always responsive, offering sound advice throughout the process. Having someone like Tim managing an appointment process offers great value add for both the hiring organisation and the candidate.

    I look forward to working with Tim in either capacity in the future. I would heartily recommend him.

    Daniel Giles, International Relations Senior Consultant

  • Recruiters like Tim are vanishingly rare. His thoughtful, consultancy-based approach is underpinned by incisiveness, tenacity and ferocious attention to detail. For Tim, it’s about quality over quantity, and it shows: you will likely never be better briefed before an interview.

    A true partner in your search, and in a class above the rest, I trust him implicitly.

    Lucy Hales, Internal Communications Lead

  • Tim is the Ronseal of recruiters - he does exactly what it says on the tin (i.e. gets you a job). Working with him was an absolute pleasure. No guff, no insincere sales pitch, just an honest assessment of what you have to offer and what he can offer you. Communication is first class. Analysis is comprehensive and extremely useful when going in to meet prospective employers.

    I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone serious about finding a role which is truly suited to their talents, experience and passion. Thanks Tim!

    Richard Price, Editorial Director

  • Tim was incredibly supportive and gave sound advice throughout the recruitment process. He listened, and I felt he had my best interests at heart. He was always up front and honest and gave valuable feedback between interviews. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a role in comms.

    Anya Fisher, Global Media Relations Manager

  • Tim was a pleasure to work with. From our first conversation he took the time to understand where I was in my career and what I was looking for in a role. He was easy to communicate with and clearly explained what the hiring managers for the role I was applying for were looking for and the process of getting the role. He gave me great tips and advice before each interview and called me after every one for my feedback, which was greatly appreciated. I was delighted to be offered the role at a company I’ve always wanted to work for, doing comms work on the world stage, and Tim’s guidance was a huge part in me getting it!

    Highly recommend anyone looking to make a career move to speak to Tim!

    Bethany Bajoul Kakei, Corporate Communications Manager

  • Tim is a fantastic PR and Comms recruiter who listens to candidates and knows how to represent them. He was supportive and communicative throughout the entire recruitment process for my current role and gave invaluable feedback before and between the interview stages. I would certainly recommend Tim.

    Emily Coen, Senior Corporate & Digital Communications Manager

  • Tim is without question the best comms recruiter I have ever worked with. He works hard for his candidates and knows how to represent them. He makes sure he truly understands his candidates before he even considers putting them forward for a role.

    Working with Tim is always a pleasure as he is honest and direct, whilst being supportive. You know if he is putting you forward for a role you are strong candidate. I can not recommend him highly enough.

    Zerrin Morris, Senior Manager Digital Communications EMEA

  • A fantastic PR recruiter, I would highly recommend working with Tim. Taking the time out to really understand my interests, career ambitions, and personality, Tim is someone who can really help guide you in your recruitment journey.

    I particularly valued his honesty and openness, offering long-term career advice and guidance, as well as his help securing this particular role. I trust that Tim will help me find a role that is right for me, rather than the first thing that comes along.

    Lucy Bielby, Media Relations Manager

  • Tim helped me to find my current role as an Internal Communications Manager. He was instrumental in helping me to progress in my career and was fantastic in guiding me through the interview process. He gave in depth information about the company which helped me to prepare for interviews and was extremely responsive, offering support whenever possible. Thanks Tim!

    Holly Ranson, Internal Communications Manager

  • Tim offers far more than a typical, transactional recruitment consultant does. He really took the time to get to know me, which was evident when I met with potential employers, who had clearly been well briefed on my strengths and professional background.

    Tim's level of detail in his briefing notes meant that I could make decisions with confidence, and his proactivity and regular communication meant that I was always looped into exactly where we were in the process with his clients. A very transparent and rigorous process that resulted in me finding a new role that's proven to be a great move for me.

    Henry Kirby, Associate Director

  • Tim was a pleasure to work with. From the get go, he took the time to listen and understand who I was, what I wanted from my next step in my career, and what I could bring to a role. This made all the difference in terms of finding exciting opportunities that matched my skills and interests, and I trusted that he was able to represent me in a well rounded way.

    Tim was very responsive and attentive throughout the entire recruitment process — he provided detailed briefings ahead of each interview, relayed helpful feedback, and above all genuinely cared about finding the right fit for both parties. A great advocate and counsel, I would highly recommend working with Tim.

    Adriana Guardans-Godo, Senior Consultant

  • I worked with Tim for the first time recently and I found him to be very different from most recruiters I've dealt with in the past. I very much appreciated his straightforward manner, honesty and efficiency. He works quickly but thoroughly and provided me with the most relevant information and support I've ever received in preparation for an interview. Thanks to his help, I landed my next position in a company I'm really excited about.

    I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone looking to make their next move in communications.

    Kirsteen Rodger, Internal Communications and CSR Senior Manager

  • Tim is simply the best recruiter I have ever worked with. His most outstanding qualities are his considered approach to placing you in the right role and his attention to detail.

    Tim will take the time upfront to understand your background and future ambitions before he begins the recruitment process. He is meticulous, a brilliant interview coach and has an unparalleled network to call upon.

    Tim also never wastes your time. I have never been recommended or put forward for a role that wasn’t relevant to my skills or ambition. This is a quality I’m sure is appreciated from all parties in the recruitment process.

    Dan Noctor, Digital Creative/Content Director

  • I cannot recommend Tim highly enough. He really takes the time to get to know you – and in turn find you a role which is a genuine fit for your skills and interests. His thoughtful, considered approach was evident from our first conversation, and each briefing was truly comprehensive, meaning I was able to enter each new stage feeling thoroughly prepared.

    The process of moving into the new role was seamless. Communications were prompt and informative, and I felt I had a solid grasp of the company’s work, culture and ethos, and that they too had a good understanding of my skills and strengths.

    The care with which Tim works is evident. This, as well as his extensive experience means that he can be a really trusted partner in anyone looking to make a positive move in their career.

    Henrietta Hunter, Account Director

  • Tim was absolutely intrinsic in helping me land my latest role at an excellent comms agency. His style is one of the most refreshing I have ever seen. He gives genuinely well-thought through counsel and isn't just out to place a candidate in the first available job. He listens to the candidate's needs and desires, and has the depth of network to match them with the right place. He is incredibly responsive, going above and beyond normal working hours to ensure his clients are happy and well prepped.

    I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a move within the comms industry.

    Sam Kane, Head of Communications

  • I worked with Tim to find my latest role. Having had poor previous experiences of working with recruiters, Tim was finally someone who did their research and understood my needs. His proactive, personalised style meant that he could offer valuable insight on the process, the company and the team I'd be working with. Communication was open and honest throughout, meaning neither party were left with unrealistic expectations or a warped view of progress.

    Would highly recommend Tim to anyone thinking of taking the next step in their career.

    Oliver Thomas, Senior Communications Manager

  • Tim has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From the very beginning I was struck by his candour and his genuine passion for finding the right opportunity for his clients. Throughout the interview process, Tim went above and beyond to ensure that I was going into meetings feeling confident and prepared. He provided an incredibly comprehensive analysis of the company and the role I was interested in, as well as a detailed background on its culture and employees.

    His unparalleled knowledge and own personal experience of the sector enables him to provide valuable advice and feedback to his clients, whatever stage of their career they're in. Tim puts a huge amount of thought and care into all that he does, making his approach to recruitment truly first class.

    Tara Bell, Account Director

  • I worked with Tim to find my latest role in PR and can highly recommend him.

    Tim really took the time to understand the type of company and role that I was looking for and gave me great insight on which agencies he knew that would fit this and why.

    I had the added complication of being based in a different country but Tim was flawless in setting up interviews around my availibility and always provided me with detailed notes and followed up to find out how things went. This all resulted in me finding a role that is really well suited so I would highly recommend Tim and Fabric.

    Anna Thomson, Business Director

  • Tim is an outstanding recruiter and easily the best I've ever worked with. He repeatedly demonstrated that he had my best interests at heart when I was searching for a job in Britain's PR industry. He is a great listener and makes a concerted effort to help you prepare for any kind of interview.

    I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you're looking for someone who will be honest with you and match you up with job opportunities that are relevant to your interests, Tim is the man for the job.

    Tracey Yong, Director


  • Tim is one of the best recruiters I have worked with over the years. He seems to be able to get to the crux of what you're looking for and, consequently, only presents you with candidates he knows are the right fit - both in terms of skills and experience, but also cultural. Working with Tim therefore saves a huge amount of time - both for us as a business and, I would imagine, candidates - who themselves will only be put forward for roles that are a fit and make sense.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to you if you're looking for your next great hire.

    Mike Robb, Co-founder


  • I've enjoyed working with Tim over the last decade or so during which time he has excelled in finding the rare, brilliant talent I need to make salt the success it is today.

    Notably, Tim takes the time to really understand my business and how we work, which in turn results in him unearthing great people, often at very short notice. Tim is expert in his field and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

    Nicky Young, Group Managing Director

    MullenLowe salt

  • Tim really took the time to understand the brief. He completely got what I was looking for and was super patient in finding the right fit, both for us and the candidate.

    His candid advice was much appreciated and I felt that candidates were well prepared and understood the opportunity on offer. I trusted him completely and he totally delivered. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tim as brilliant specialist recruiter.

    Claire Lovegrove, Director of Corporate Affairs


  • Tim, quite simply, has a brilliant eye for talented people. You know if he's putting someone forward for a role they’re worth meeting, as he has that knack for knowing who'll be a great fit for your organisation. He's also an absolute pleasure to deal with. A true gem.

    Jo Carr, Managing Partner

    Hope&Glory PR

  • 3 Monkeys Zeno has worked with Tim over many years. He’s made the effort to really get to know us which means my interest is always peaked when an email and cv from him pops into my inbox.
    Tim is reasonable and fair through any negotiations and we trust him to put forward talented people who will thrive with us.

    Christine Jewell, Managing Director

    3 Monkeys Zeno

  • Tim tells it to you straight. With a great sense of the industry and an eye for talent, he cuts through the PR chat to really understand what both clients and candidates want and need. Having worked with him both as a client and a candidate, Tim sees people as people – not numbers on a spreadsheet or CVs on a desk. He makes things happen in a way that many don’t.

    Helen Rainford, Managing Partner

    Smarts Communicate London