Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist – one of the largest companies in the world

I have been approached by the European headquarters of one of the largest companies in the world, to help them find a Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist.

The role will be based full time in the Netherlands and requires someone whose career has been based in Europe to ensure familiarity with its political and business landscape.

Whilst CSR as a term has perhaps morphed into what many know as ESG these days it’s important to stress that this remains what you might call a classical CSR role. Strategic comms experience in disciplines such as sustainability and purpose will of course be welcomed, but the focus will be on areas like community investment, partnerships and corporate citizenship.

You will be responsible for assessing investment priorities across Europe, then developing strategies and activating programmes accordingly. All the while working in alignment with the company’s ESG strategy & reporting department. Examples of current investment areas include stem education, hydrogen based energy solutions, and social mobility for underprivileged families and children.

Some facts and figures:
– five days a week in the office (i.e. remote or hybrid working isn’t viable for this role)
– all employees go in on a 12 month contract initially. It is common practice for them to subsequently become permanent
– the role comes with a competitive six figure salary, bonus and benefits package. In addition anyone relocating to the Netherlands for this role will be able to apply for 30% tax relief
– candidates must be fluent in written and verbal English
– previous experience in the energy sector may be useful, but is not essential.

There is flexibility on the level of candidate, so if you are potentially interested I’d encourage you to have a conversation with me. However, I appreciate being vague never helps, so this as a rough guide they’re looking for at least 10-15 years’ experience in CSR / citizenship / strategic communications.